A Dog Post

IMG_9960Here’s a survey for you: Are you a cat or a dog person? And do you feel liking one or the other is mutually exclusive? Apparently, that’s a thing, and I’m asking for science.

As you can see, we’ve gone and done it – as of Friday last week, Charlie has officially moved in. I’m completely smitten, as is my daughter, my son loves him despite himself (he was adamant his loyalties were always going to be with Her Majesty Fritzchen the Kitty, but even he has succumbed to those eyes). My husband is not quite as invested in Charlie yet, but I’m sure he’ll win him over, eventually. Not sure whether the kitty will ever really like him, but so far they haven’t killed each other yet, which I call a win, and I’m hoping the vet is right and they will reach a sort of an armistice at some point.

I had many thoughts and feelings before we went to get the pup. Mostly, I was afraid he wasn’t going to be happy with us, that he’d miss his folks and the other dogs he lived with, that he’d hate living in the city. Interestingly, none of those things have come to pass.

Instead of crying for his old family, he immediately latched on to me like a touch-starved little baby sloth. I was reminded of Armie Hammer’s impersonation of a lovesick puppy in ‚Mirror, Mirror‘, after Julia Roberts (aka Evil Queen) accidentally feeds him the wrong kind of love potion (puppy love, duh) instead of the one that was supposed to make him fall madly in love with her, as his own true self. Check it out, it’s on YouTube, it’s hilarious, and eerily accurate. It feels a bit like that (and yes, I realize Armie Hammer’s prob 20 times the size of my mini Wiener dog). My point is, Charlie looks at me like I hung the moon, he insists on coming with me everywhere I go (bathroom included) and he’s basically happiest when he can lie, or sit, on some part of me. I must confess we let him sleep in our bed the first night because we felt sorry for him, and that kind of was that. Smart dog burrowed under my husband’s covers first (flattery will get you everywhere, right?) before moving under mine, and staying there.

Taking walks 5 times a day is nice, even though I have to say that the late night pee trip to that one apparently enchanted tree on the street corner is not much fun when I’m already exhausted by ten p.m. – but the alternative is a smelly mess early in the morning, can’t have that. So, instead of my usual routine of working until I get tired and then going to bed, I’ve started watching ‚Brooklyn 99‘ in the evenings to pass the time – thank God for Netflix!

So, conclusion after the first week: I have a dog now, and I couldn’t be happier :-).

Those of you who live in town – come take walks with us :-).

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