My First Crochet Pattern

A small step for all seasoned DIY people out there, I’m sure, but to me it feels huge to actually feel brave enough to do this. But here we go: Today, I’d like to share my first ever crochet pattern with you, stitch readers.

Seeing that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and seeing that my three chocolate monsters will expect something for their stashes, and seeing that I’m kind of more into the flowers and anything handmade, I’ll do a combination of both. Check it out: IMG_1627.JPG

Cute, right? It will look so pretty on any chocolate box or bag or bar … kind of like this:

This little heart takes about 5 minutes to make, tops, and here’s how to do it:

Chain 4

Crochet 3 TC (triple crochet) into the first stitch of your chain, another 3 DC (double crochet) into the same stitch.

Chain 1, crochet 1 super-tall QC (quadruple crochet), chain 1

(That’s half of your heart shape made, already. See how easy that was? Now for the second half.)

Crochet 3 DC into the first chain stitch, then another 3 TC, also into the same stitch.

Chain 3 and join with a slip stitch into that ol‘ first chain stitch, cut your thread and darn in the two tails you’ll have in the back.img_1626I totally forgot how much I love crocheting little motifs, haven’t done it in ages, what with all the socks I’ve been knitting lately. But this winter turned out to be a long one, so those were needed!

Here’s the last pair I finished during a movie marathon/teenage sleepover (Ocean’s 11-12-13, great choice!) my son hosted last Saturday night:img_1622May they keep my girl J.’s feet warm until the spring. I think they’re really funky. Neon Pink is an awesome color, which I never appreciated that much before, as a baby Goth/Punk Rock/Emo from the Eighties. Then, it was all about wearing Black, Black and more Black. And it’s kind of been my favorite ever since, creature of habit that I am.

Decades later however, when I had my daughter, I finally needed to come to terms with all things Pink and glittery. I’ve learned to embrace color, first for her, and then eventually for myself also. I must admit I still feel safest in Black and Grey, fashion-wise, but I do add splashes of brightness to it occasionally now.

Well, this has been a most lovely and productive lunch-break, you guys. Maybe you’ll read this before tomorrow, and if you do, please let me know how my pattern worked out for you – have fun trying your hand at these little heart shaped motifs :-). And of course have a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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