Family Ties, Biological and Chosen


On a global scale, the past week was certainly remarkable for reasons I talked about in my last post, and I will actually only say this on the matter: ’nuff said.

But last week also saw a wonderful reunion with my sweet friend A. who stayed with us for a few nights while in town on business. A. is (among many other things!) a dedicated knitter, and she makes beautiful hats, socks and sweaters, as does A.’s mother-in-law K., who is also a seasoned crafts lady. A few years back, when our girls were little, K. had made a funky stripy hat with a long, pointed tip and a pompom for her granddaughter. I always loved that hat, and when I prepared the guest room for A. I was reminded of it, as I had already begun knitting a stripy hat for my friend’s new baby boy, to go with the stripy socks I already showed here. Long story short, A.’s mother in law was kind enough to dig out the pattern for the so-called Pixie Hat, and I tried to do it justice, see pic above.

I’ve written about the crafts community before, and how connected I feel to many of its members who are bound together by a joint enthusiasm for all things to do with yarn. In a way, we’re each and every one of us part of a chosen family, and I feel close to A. in Munich (knitting), N. here in Berlin (color & crochet), A. in California (sewing), A. in Frankfurt (Master of All Things Creative), K. in Montana (knitting) and my friend’s mom in Iceland who knits these amazing sweaters:IMG_3319 I guess it’s all a matter of perspective what family really is. It certainly is a choice who we decide to care about, and blood ties don’t necessarily have that much to do with it. I once read a book by Robert A. Heinlein (not sure which one it was – this was in my early twenties, so a loooong time ago.) Anyway, in this book, children could divorce their parents – and I found that concept really intriguing, because my mom and I were at complete odds by that time. In a way, it helped me detach, so thank you Mr. Heinlein, for facilitating my personal autonomy!

That said, I do care about my few relatives left, a lot. In fact, I’ll ditch this computer now to go finish a pair of socks for my godson in Sta Barbara, who will be six in a matter of weeks. Time certainly flies – seems I was there only yesterday when he was born…


Signing off now with a pic of the gorgeousness that my friend E. gave me when I cooked lasagna for them last week – amazing, isn’t it?


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