When I went to bed yesterday night, I wasn’t worried. I really wasn’t. I was sure people would do the right thing and vote for Hillary even if they weren’t seeing eye to eye with all she says or stands for. Voting is always a compromise, and this time it was all about preventing the worst possible outcome, or so I thought. After all, this is the same nation that elected a black president with an Arabic name – twice in a row. I had faith.

This morning, right after checking the news feed, I was on autopilot while waking up my kids, making them breakfast and preparing their lunchboxes. Texting to and fro with my folks in California, expressing my shock on Instagram, wondering what our world is coming to. Brexit, right-wing parties rising to power left and right, public hate for refugees … and now this. My dearest relative in the world will have to bring up my godson in a country I’d be loth to call the land of the free anymore. Home of the brave maybe, but I know people who have stated they were going to leave the US should he who must not be named in my sweet innocent blog be elected president. I do not blame them.

As a woman, as a mom, as an immigrant, as a supporter of gender equality in all the colors of the rainbow, as well as a human being with a heart and a brain, I’m deeply worried on this Very Bad Day.

So, what should we hope for? Can you think of anything positive that may come from this? I mean, anything at all? If so, do not hesitate to tell me, because I desperately need some perspective.

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