Anyone remember the 1990s movie ‚Waiting to Exhale‘? I was way too young to understand when I saw that movie, but loved it anyway, even then. It had an absolutely outstanding cast, including the late Whitney Houston, man, wasn’t she gorgeous, and fragile, and sooo funny if she chose to be? I was totally smitten with her after the movie. And the wonderful Angela Basset, and Wesley Snipes was in it also, and the whole thing was directed by none other than Forest Whitaker.

All the four main characters are African American ladies, and they all have some serious man troubles. Nothing unusual really: One of the men is married and keeps promising to leave his wife, but never follows through. Duh. The other dude runs off with another woman who is younger, and also white – ’nuff said. The third lady just distrusts men in general, and the fourth’s ex-husband whom she still loves comes out as gay. It happens. Anyway, all of it was very slice of life and depicted beautifully and with a lot of sensitivity as to how women think and feel and behave – Gosh, I _loved_ that movie.

But I was trying to reflect on the exhaling part, it’s what made me think of the movie. All these ladies kind of keep running in circles. None of them are happy, and they all keep going and going and going … waiting to exhale is a state of mind you simply do not experience when you’re in your twenties as I was at the time the film came out. But now, I get it. Boy, do I get it. Not to whine or complain, but sometimes I too feel like a rat in a cage, like a hamster in a wheel, like I can’t breathe. Keep another deadline, finish one job and start on a new one right away, even my crafts projects kind of keep piling up… So many ideas, so little time.

On the upside, soccer tournaments are always great for serious yarn mileage, and we still have a few good watchin‘ the game nights to go. Look how far I’ve gotten:


I will finish this sweater, I will. Summer vacation is coming up, which is why I’m so stressed in the first place – dare I write it down? Phew, here we go: I plan not to work this summer. There, I’ve said it. You’ve read it. Now I just need to make it happen.

School is always amazingly busy also the last weeks before vacation starts.

This was the Butterfly Project at my daughter’s school. It was a science project, and they actually made caterpillars hatch and become butterflies, courtesy of the University here in town. An amazing experience, and the kids were so thrilled to see how life works. And then it was time to let the butterflies go. It was all very grand, the kids burst with pride and they had a nice picnic at the playground afterwards.

At my son’s school, we’re gearing up for the annual Summer Fayre. Also quite an endeavor, with food stalls, music, acrobatics & amazing things to buy that we the parents crafted for the bazaar – among them, this Army of Dwarfness:

So, a few insane weeks to go and then, hopefully, a lot of this:

I had promised my physiotherapist S to be a bit more mindful about sleeping enough – so in the spirit of being a good patient – good night Blogland.

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