Sweet Nothings


Look, this was my Sunday. It wasn’t raining, and warm enough to sit outside with NO WORK and my knitting and NO WORK. I had stumbled across this yarn


at the shop across the supermarket when I went for a beer and microwave popcorn run before the Austrians valiantly stood up to larger-than-life Cristiano Ronaldo during the European Championship.

I saw that yarn, couldn’t resist, and suddenly I couldn’t wait to get started on my Little Summer Sweater. It’s going to be a bright, summery addition to anything white or blue, my favorite colors this season. It seems a bit over the top to start on a sweater as an interim project, but sometimes it’s just fine to be silly. I’m being so responsible what with my community service school work, not only keeping deadlines but actually being faster than my clients asked me to … such fast, very translator, as some people who are fond of Doge speak, would put it, right J?

I’m about to wrap up an emotionally draining book translation, the second volume of the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, a former London midwife of the 1950s, called ‚Shadows of the Workhouse‘. It’s not a book for the faint-hearted, even though it has hilarious moments and enough Cockney to last you a lifetime. I learned a lot about late 19th and early 20th century England, and not the stuff we can see on Downton Abbey. The trenches in WW I, the Blitz in London in WW II, the _workhouses_, Jesus Christ, I didn’t even know such places even existed. I can recommend the book, but it’s not a happy vacation book, that much is certain, and a lot more depressing than the BBC TV show. I’ll be glad to finish work on it.

I was at the yarn shop because I needed longer circular knitting needles for this baby:

That shawl sure is going to be big. It’s begun to bunch up a bit in the middle, and I need that cable to be freaking longer. So I ordered those, and found the yummy Pink Yarn while I was there.

Speaking of delicious things, how do you people feel about macarons? Had them? Loved them? Disliked them? Found them tacky? I have to confess to a great weakness for them. As you may have read, I was in a different family place altogether while the young couple got married by the Rockies early this month. I was way too late to pick anything from their Wish List, and I felt so bad about that. So I thought it might be a nice touch to present them with a box of this indulgence, and I found a manufacturer in Colorado and ordered these, a few more, obviously, than you can see in the picture.


Hope they’ll enjoy them as I know I would – UPS tells me they’re sitting on their porch now waiting for them to come home. I sure hope it isn’t as hot in Longmont today as it is here!

For, guess what, it’s actually finally summer. To be honest, it’s way hotter than I like, 36 degrees Celsius, Jeez. I’m staying in the shade, thank you very much – or here if I possibly can:


And I want to make ice cream this weekend, lovely, seasonal, cream-and-sugar infused strawberry ice cream. Wonder how that works? All you need is an ice cream maker or food processor, flavorful strawberries, cream, sugar and vanilla, and go for it!

Strawberry Ice Cream

500 g fruit, shucked and chopped

250 g sugar

500 g cream

5 egg yolks

1 lemon, juiced

1 pck vanilla sugar

After pureeing fruit with half of sugar and lemon juice, set aside. Make a custard of cream, sugar and vanilla by heating cream, stirring in sugar and folding in yolks one by one over moderate heat until the mixture thickens. Set aside to cool. After cooling, fold in fruit puree and season to taste: More sugar? Do it. Don’t be shy. Bit of lemon juice? Go for it. Maybe some jam to enhance the flavor? Absolutely.

Now bring out of the freezer your ice cream making bowl (if you don’t have one of those, you’ll have to use a plastic container, pour in your strawberry custard mixture, close the lid and freeze. Take the box out every hour or so and work it over with intent in the food processor or a blender. You’ll end up with slightly shardy ice cream if you skip that, and you want that creamy, silky texture if you can get it, right?).

Assuming you have an ice cream maker, pour your custard in the frozen ice cream bowl and set to churn for as long as it takes for the mixture to freeze. Then stick in the freezer to firm up some more, and then, by all means: Enjoy your ice cream :-).

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