Blogging under the influence – that’ll be a first, for me anyway. Don’t know what other bloggers out there get up to of course ;-).

So why am I high? I’m just back from a dentist appointment, always a major source of stress and anxiety for me. I have an unshakable early childhood related dentist trauma, and I’m not very brave when it comes to pain in general. So I’m mostly a wreck whenever I go, and this time I knew something was wrong with one of my older fillings, so I was bracing for impact all morning.

I’ve overanalyzed this dental phobia of mine for decades. I know I have nothing to be scared of, nobody will hurt me, I can always say stop whenever I need a break, and I do need to get my teeth fixed so they’ll work another few decades. I’m well aware of all that, and I’m having near panic attacks every single time I have to go see my dentist anyway…

Once I get my shot of local anesthesia, I’m usually good to go, and the rest of the appointment goes smoothly. It takes me a while to come down from the adrenaline rush though, and I’ve made it a habit to reward myself once I’m done. Today I bought these:


All is well now. The filling’s restored, my stress is leveling out and I’m flushing the drugs from my system with a big pot of tea – not allowed to eat yet, but my stomach’s still tied up in knots anyway, thank you very much, plus there’s a dull ache where the drill went, ugh. Tea is good.


Still, instead of getting back to my assignment like a good little translator, I’m pouring my relief into this chatty post, just so you can hear me exhale. Phewwwwww. And thank you so much for reading, and sympathizing!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, with deadlines looming and jobs piling up, but still managed to clock in a few more rows on my current WIP, the red cable knit sweater, check it out:


I also bought yarn last week, because I couldn’t help myself :-))): IMG_3243.JPG

Can you believe this shade of yellow? I love it to pieces, and can’t wait to make a pair of gorgeous socks from this hand-spun beauty, yay! Lovely, heartwarming and very seasonal. The incarnation of color therapy.

So, yarn lovers and/or dental phobics wherever you are, I’m wishing you a great week with little to no anxiety and as much time for crafts as you can possibly squeeze in.

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