Unraveling – Infuriating!



Remember when I talked about this beautiful red merino yarn I had gotten to make a sweater, and how I was pondering patterns, and looking at  different sleeves and styles and whatnot?

Well, last week I finally decided on a pattern from my good old stitches book, after consulting with my crafts club ladies. I was happy with my choice; I had looked at elaborate Aran patterns, Irish patterns, traditional Tyrolian patterns and of course I went to Ravelry too… the abundance can be positively overwhelming, don’t you think? In the end, I settled for a simple choice – kind of the design version of cable patterns, a two-dimensional interwoven look, playful but stylish, because it will cover the complete garment – look:


All set, I thought. I had already cast on and made a bottom edge of knit 2, purl 2; I ended up unraveling that twice – at first, it seemed too wide (I already knew this yarn is very giving), then it seemed too narrow. But ultimately 110 stitches seemed perfect and I started with the pattern – only to find that this particular type of pattern makes the work contract like you wouldn’t believe. Could they maybe have mentioned that in the description, you think? Evil publishers! Arghhhh.

I unraveled again, cast on 138 stitches (divisible by 8 plus 2 edge stitches), and figured I was good to go. Yesterday was a pretty chill night of catching up with some of the episodes of Elementary I missed over the last weeks, and I made reasonable progress.


Pretty, huh? However, after the first 4 repeats or so, it became clearer with every row I was making that this piece would be waaaay to small for my size 14 frame, and by the time I was ready for bed I was already bracing for the decision I would have to make today.

Just to be sure, I measured it against my green cardigan, and it was so frustratingly evident I could have burst into tears right there. I must confess that I actually took some of my anger out on my son’s punching bag, yeah. That felt better.


It helps to vent about these things here, also. And – if you’re still reading, thank you for taking an interest in my knitting woes, petty as they may seem given the horror that’s taking place in other parts of the world. Perspective is always healthy, and not everything is about me – although, a blog is one of those places you can be as self-centered as you want by definition – and you are here by your own choice. Anyway, thanks for paying attention. Wish me luck for my next attempt. What do you think? Should I go with 154? Or 160 even…?

Only one way to find out, is there ….

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