Man in a Black Sweater


So this is what my husband wore to work this morning. I’m pretty sure he’ll be standing out among the ad agency crowd in all his hand-knit glory (as he does anyway, to me ;-).

G. seemed pretty psyched to finally receive a birthday gift he’s been looking forward to for 14 years. Then, it was supposed to look like this. Here’s the back story of why I decided to discontinue & unravel & start afresh.


So I was pleased with myself for getting it done, as I am with the way it turned out, even though I didn’t actually use a pattern, and the design was mostly in my head (and a sketch on my writing pad to show G. what I was going to do).


The pattern consists of a knit 3, purl 3 sequence that moves over 1 stitch with every row. And the yarn being black (what else would I be using for my husband!), I have to say it was a real bitch to see whenever it wasn’t broad daylight. All in all, it took some serious commitment – and some swearing – to make.


But yesterday had me crocheting the parts together and darning in threads, and now I’m officially done with this epic project. Phew!

That always feels good, doesn’t it? So, after congratulating myself on a job well done, I have some new ideas. One is a crochet blanket for my daughter. A granny square blanket, or something similarly girly, for her room. Maybe a bit like  this one I saw on a Danish craft blogger’s site and instantly fell in love with.

And then I have to make something for myself, because my sweet friend N. was kind enough to give me a voucher for the yarn shop for my last birthday, and we finally got around to go spend it. Here’s the bag of bright red, squishy goodness I got:



I was thinking a turtleneck, maybe something with Dolman sleeves, and most of all, I’m thinking a nice cable pattern, like this maybe:


While still considering my options, I’m doggedly working on a pair of socks made from a gorgeous hand-dyed yarn my son chose when we went to this little yarn shop that’s dangerously closely located to the grocery store. The lady sells homespun, organically dyed, beautiful wool skeins that you have to reel up yourself. All spot-on in our green/gentrified/obsessively sustainability-conscious part of town. Save the messed-up planet wherever you can.


As I write this, a rare natural spectacle (sunshine!!!) is taking place outside, making me wish I was there


rather than at my desk.

I shouldn’t complain though, I’ve got two interesting nonfiction translations due this month, and I’m working on a really compelling novel on the side. All in all, life isn’t so bad right now.

Wishing all of you out there a lovely week :-).

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