Am I a Basement Blogger? I guess.

A colleague mentioned this slightly derogatory term online today, and it made me question – maybe for the first time ever – what the heck I’m even doing here. I mean, I don’t do news, I rarely share anything even remotely topical, and I generally keep my political beliefs, such as they are, to myself. Am I contributing to society? Am I publishing anything interesting to anyone but my folks, (crafts) friends or hobby cooks …? I didn’t think so. Sorry. Not that kind of blog.

But then I reread my last post, and I knew again: It’s OK to simply ruminate on things, sometimes even without drawing any interesting conclusions, and to occasionally publish a recipe, or a piece of craft that I feel particularly proud of. Not rocket science, but my own little corner. I’d never blog professionally, and I’m not using this space to change the world while marketing myself or my work. It’s  a hobby, and I like it like that.

Writing’s better than watching TV, though. I admire all the kids out there who sit their butts down to write a fanfic story rather than just play video games. You guys are awesome!!! I know that if I do write about pop culture, I need to be familiar with what’s going on out there. I go to the movies, I watch shows, and I’ve been a Trekkie ever since I set my eyes on Spock for the first time. I read. In the car, I listen to the radio and on occasion, I find new music – which is, most of the time, not all that new, and my husband who’s a lot better at keeping up with these things, has already had the album for a few years. Good for me :-)!

My point is, I’m aware that there’s a whole world out there, and if I have time I enjoy looking at it, listening to it and reading up on it. It’s educational, and so important for my line of work. What kind of a crappy translator would I be if I didn’t get cultural references, right?

But politics isn’t my passion. It either bores me, or depresses me, or both. I find it hard to keep up, and harder not to despair. So I support Amnesty, and Greenpeace, and more often than I’d like, Médecins sans Frontières. I try to live as sustainably as possible, and I do vote for the Green Party, at a loss as to a better alternative. I mean, I have children, after all. And that’s what I do. Do I need to blog about that? Hardly.

Therefore: and now for something completely different: Look at this sweet pic of my daughter and my husband idling down a well-trodden Berlin sidewalk.


Lovely, and peaceful. As was making my annual advent wreath, with white candles and gold ribbon this year. IMG_2804

It’s one of my favorite things about the winter. For the first time, I didn’t agonize over getting it right, and it still looks beautiful (to me at least ;-)).

If anyone’s still reading – thank you for taking an interest. It felt good to get it off my chest! Have a good week, everyone.

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