Just like Daddy Used to Make – Another Quick & Easy Lunch

Do you have an easy time throwing out bread? I, for some reason, find it harder than tossing any other food. I’m no war child, and have fortunately never experienced what it’s like to be more than figuratively starving. But I find myself finding creative uses for leftover bread (cubed and fried to add to a salad or as a topping for soups, bread pudding, soaked in milk and added to meatball dough…) Mind you, this is German bread, from a real bakery, organic, more often than not, and it doesn’t come cheap. But that’s not why. Maybe it’s a transgenerational bread thing, because obviously my parents both experienced WW II.


Be that as it may, today I’d like to share what I made for lunch one time when I had 1 zucchini, some tomatoes and a very dry piece of formerly glorious white Italian bread from designer food chain Butter Lindner.

I have a picture of my dad’s in the kitchen, and I frequently think of him when I cook. This was no exception, for one of his standard simple meals was: Cube bread, fry, add chopped mushrooms, herbs and eggs – and voilà, he had a very filling, tasty dish made.

To make my version, you will need

1 small Zucchini

1 green onion

Handful of cherry tomatoes

Crusty white bread

Basil and rosemary leaves to taste

1 TBSP pine nuts

Olive oil, salt & pepper

Cube bread and zucchini. Cut tomatoes in half, or if using larger ones, cube as well. Slice your green onion. Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Add pine nuts, onion and zucchini. Stir-fry for a couple minutes until bread browns and zucchini are cooked. Add rosemary leaves and thinly sliced basil, as well as tomatoes. Let steep at very low heat for a minute. Season with salt and pepper, and enjoy your lunch, basking in the good feeling of having saved a decent piece of bread from an unseemly end in the bin :-).


What are your quick & easy solutions to suddenly growling stomachs? Please let me know, for this is a recurring problem at my house. Thank you, and enjoy!

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