Why Valentine’s Day Is A Good Thing – Happy Birthday T!

Most people don’t think twice about it. It’s a fixture, just like Christmas, or Easter. Think of your loved ones, write a card, hit the candy store or flower shop, move on. It’s not quite like that in Europe. We don’t have a long Valentine’s Day tradition. When I was young, nobody would have bothered with it, and as adolescents we would sneer at it, as we did at most traditions, for they were evil, especially when profit was involved. I think the first time I ever found Valentine’s Day acceptable was when I met my coworker and partner T, whose birthday happens to be on February 14th.

T is one of the most exceptional people I know, a tall, dark and handsome guy with a big heart, huge smile and a head full of crazy. He has this remarkable, deep, rumbling voice, and he was wearing bespoke suits, three-piece no less, when we were only 30 years old. He is a brilliant graphic designer with a love for typography, a keen eye for photography, and a true passion for music. I think he has 5 or so iPods. He was one of the very few gentlemen I ever met at an ad agency (I may have married the other one ;-)). Have a good one, my friend!

As you know, I have a family now, and Valentine’s Day is always a welcome occasion to spoil them with Little Things, most of them heart-shaped. These days, I do buy flowers, just like everybody else, and chocolates, and, miraculously, so does my husband. Here’s a few pics of this year’s V Day:

IMG_2145 IMG_2036 IMG_0623IMG_2157IMG_2158IMG_2156IMG_2155IMG_2154

A sick kid that still needed to eat (incidentally the reason for my current, unusually frequent presence here, in case you were wondering), flowers, yummy heart-shaped Valentine Buns, a granny-square-patched-up pair of Little Miss Jeans, a very pretty picture and a sweet caramel and marzipan surprise our son made for us – way too awesome to eat!). All in all it was a good day, despite the 40 °C fever. I don’t mind the commerce now. And I’d hate to miss a good opportunity to make my loved ones smile, whose little faces lit up when they saw the heart-shaped toast that was for breakfast last Saturday. My son invented the ‚Heart-Shaped-Raspberry-Nutella-Sandwich‘, instantly posted and liked on Instagram. Gotta love teenagers ;-).

Hope you had a lovely one too, wherever you are!

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