A Barefoot Icelandic Fairy


Anna María is a young singer-songwriter from Iceland, with a voice that ranges from sweet and romantic to earthy and powerful. The program she played yesterday night in Berlin mostly consisted of her musical interpretation of a series of love poems her grandfather had written for his wife, her grandmother, over the course of their 60-year marriage.

Backed by a band of young Icelandic musicians (a drummer, base player and fellow singer songwriter Svavar Knútur), Anna María’s deeply moving performance actually brought tears to people’s eyes – mine included – even though the German audience probably didn’t understand any of the lyrics – again, me included. The album is called ‚Hver stúnd med thér‘ – (each moment with you), and is well worth listening to, if you’re even remotely into romance and Nordic music.

Wearing a beautiful long dress, curls falling loosely around her shoulders, and no shoes, the artist looked exactly like my six-year old daughter draws her fairies. I liked the no shoes part, as I think it represents a lot of the things I love about Icelandic culture: it’s real and unpretentious, and it has that deep connection to their crazy nature, while at the same time being profoundly appreciative of true beauty.

The last song was an encore, Anna María’s version of ‚Lili Marlen‘, played to great effect – from the first note, she had the audience singing along with her. Check out her music, and if you’re lucky enough to catch one of her shows, by all means go, it’ll certainly be a treat. Here’s her webpage: http://annamaria.is/

It occurs to me that I’ve now shared something other here than family ponderings, recipes or crafts for the first time. Those who don’t know me must think I’m such a chicken head :-). It’s just that usually, the parts that are more than a mom with hobbies just don’t end up here. But raving about a lovely show was certainly worth opening up a little more.

On the crafts front, I have little else to report than that I’m working on a sweater for my husband (who is a very tall man, alas!) – as I’ve already hinted, I will eventually tell you that story here. My friends are probably already smiling, as they know that sweater is as old as my marriage ;-).

For now, I wish you a great day, week, end of month, and a relaxing winter vacation, those who have next week off from school as we do. No alarm, yay!!!

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