Big Turtleneck, ‚Nother One Down

It seems that despite of my constantly working on one crafts project or another, it’s actually rare that I get to show off any of the pieces myself. That’s because I’m so easily conned by the puppy eyes my kids, or their friends, or my friends are making and all the ‚pretty please with a cherry on top‘ s I get. Not to mention the narcissistic pleasure that comes with comments such as ‚Oh, you’re a rock star!‘, ‚Wish I had your mad skills‘, ‚The hat/scarf/sweater/bag (insert a given wooly piece of clothing here) you made me is my favorite ever!!!‘ …

Be that as it may, I sometimes do feel the urge to make something for myself, too. The project I will share here started with a bit of irresponsible yarn shopping last fall. I just fell in love: It was soft, it was fuzzy, gorgeously hand-dyed, and it was sooo green. I couldn’t help myself. And then life happened, and I forgot about it. Not completely, it’s been sitting in one of my see-through plastic yarn containers all along, and every once in a while I’d it take out, feel it, play with it a bit, and then I could not be bothered. Too busy, too tired, too lazy to find a pattern, too hot during the summer – so many reasons not to start. But eventually I did get around to it, and I looked for a pattern – rather for a design idea, for as you know, me and the patterns are not the best buds in the world. And on browsing the Internet I suddenly knew what I was going to make. A big, cozy, warm and maybe a little bulky, gorgeous green turtle.

The thickness of the yarn (recommended needle/hook size was a 6-7) made it pretty clear it needed to have raglan sleeves. Being tallish and, these days, somewhat on the chesty side, I’m well aware these types of sweaters have a tendency to optically add even more substance to what there is already. Raglan sleeves at least tone down the shoulder width a little. Other than that, I just went with the flow, and the sweater almost made itself… OK, I had to unravel the back piece 3 times, I did both raglan sleeves twice, and in the end had to add cuffs for the sleeves were way too short … But I did get there.

A little bulky? Yup. Soft and snuggly? Uh-huh! Really, really warm? Hell yeah! Here it is:


So, how’d I do?

I, for one, am really pleased with how it turned out. I added the pockets on a whim, always wanted to try that and never had the chance before. And you know what? It’s really easy! Just pick up the number of stitches you deem appropriate, making sure they’re in one row, in the place you’d like your pocket to go, and knit up from there as high up as you’d like your pockets to be. I made 22 rows, could have done 4 more in hindsight. Cast off, sew pockets in place and darn in the ends. I used up almost all my leftover yarn nicely, which was a bonus :-).

Have a good week, everyone.

I may write up a new carrot salad recipe soon. It was stolen from my dear crafts friend F., and is, as is all her food, absolutely delicious. Tune in again soon!

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