Four Babies!

Is there anything in the world more moving than gazing at a newborn? Being a mom myself, and having many friends who have children, some of whom are younger than mine, I’ve held my fair share of babies over the years. I find it incredibly humbling every single time. The tiny fingers and feet, their absolute trust and my instantaneous impulse to protect the little creature, the glowing serenity in new moms‘ faces – I think they’re all very precious, and I’m so happy to have seen dear B. and little J. last week.  I’m also very proud to have made that young man a hat that actually fits him  – without even knowing how big his head was going to be – check it out:

I worked with a very soft cotton/merino mix in a lovely shade of powder blue – it came out really nicely, crocheted in rounds, using the proven and tested method of gaining every 2 in the second round, every 3 in the 3rd, every 4 in the 4th and so on and so forth until you’re happy with the width … I’ve come to like the half double crochet stitch for hats. It makes for a dense but not too thick texture, windproof but not too bulky. I’ll be meeting the other 3 boys in the near future – looking forward to that.

It seems to be the time for tying up loose ends, literally 😉 – here’s another project I’ve been working on off and on, my sweet A.’s scarf, in stylish shades of blue, green and purple – a merino and mohair mix, hand-dyed and what have you … it’s going to make her eyes shine, I just know it – not that they need it! Here’s my dear friend F. modeling it for me before I packed it to be sent off to the States, hopefully to arrive in time for Xmas:


I also finished the socks I mentioned in my last post, here’s me breaking them in. I am wearing my favorite PJs, the ones I made the socks to match actually. A. made those PJs for me and I love them sooo much – cannot thank you enough, bb.

IMG_1783 IMG_1784

In the meantime, as stress relief from preparing my tax statement (I am really, really not a numbers person – compiling that file for our tax advisor drives me up the walls every year!!!) I started on a new project, no two. One is a pretty straightforward, long-term thing for my daughter who is now, unbelievably, six years old:


She asked for a crochet blanket of her own. And since I always wanted to do a larger Granny Square project, I’ve manned up and began making piles of very girly-colored pink and red and off-white Granny Squares. I’ll be needing quite a few of them, so that is something to keep me busy on all those long winter afternoons. It’ll cheer me up to see those summery colors, no doubt, over the darker months.

I’ve also started on a bulky yarn big turtleneck sweater in shades of green for myself, inspired by (but not following, of course) a pattern on Ravelry. I bought the yarn for it about a year ago, in fact, I bought yarn for two projects that day, having been in that dangerous mindset I sometimes get when having submitted a big assignment. It’s not a great idea for me to hit the yarn shop when I’m like that. I will be exhausted, giddy at having met my deadline, I will be over-caffeinated, I won’t have slept enough for weeks, and I will, on occasion, make what my mom would have called ‚unreasonable‘ choices. But come to think about it, spending a little too much money on yarn is not the absolute worst thing that can happen in a situation like that. In the end, I usually get around to the projects, eventually … so, onward with that green sweater.


This is as far as I’ve gotten – it’s quick work really, what with the 5 mm needles and that thick, fluffy yarn. It’s pure wool, and it has that homespun, slightly irregular texture to it that used to be all the rage in the olden days when I started knitting – I think there were still a few dinosaurs roaming the plains then… I’m talking about the early eighties, of course.

What else is there to tell? Fall vac’s over, clocks have been set back to wintertime – always a difficult adjustment to make to have that extra hour of afternoon sunshine taken away from you, I think. Soon, the kids will leave for school in the dark and will only come home after sundown. Not my favorite time of the year, despite of Thanksgiving to look forward to.

How about you? Any thumbs up for November? What is it about this month that you enjoy especially? As always, I’d love to hear about your latest crafts projects, and if you have a special Thanksgiving recipe or tradition, I’d certainly love reading about that too!

I may post a new recipe soon – it would seem that I finally, after years of practice, managed to nail The Focaccia, thanks to my former co-kindergarten-mom J. who sadly moved back to the States a while ago. Her focaccia was the highlight of many parents meets, and she encouraged me to even try to make one myself. Cheers, dear J.!

I was going to post this last night but didn’t, so I get to wish you a sunny day instead of encouraging you to run a nice tub and snuggle up … which you may still be able to do depending on when and where you’ll read this :-)!

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