Quick & Easy Lunch Salads II

And here’s a quick meal I made yesterday, unexpectedly finding myself tied up at home with my 5-year old who was supposed to not be here at all during the day this week, one of life’s little surprises.

I really find it challenging to get any work done if walked in on and talked to about (take your pick: finding the princess costume, broken crayons, braiding hair, making a sandwich, pouring some juice, calling about a play date…) every couple minutes – I’m just too used to having the place to myself during the day, I suppose. No doubt I’d die on my first day in any modern working environment (open plan, loft style office – the horror, the horror!). Sigh. So I’m struggling with finishing a quote, uploading a new app I need to work on, making new dentist’s appointments for the kids, buying new sneakers online, checking my email, speaking to a potential new client, paying doctor’s bills and generally getting my desk in working order after the vacation hiatus, when all of a sudden LUNCH is demanded …

The holiday hiatus has also taken its toll on the pantry – leaving me with no red lentils to make the Turkish lentil soup we all love, as intended. Instead, there was half a packet of Beluga lentils (they’re black, look sort of unappealing, but are in fact really tasty). So I decided Black was the new Orange (are you watching that show, by the way…?) and ended up stewing them with 1 chopped shallot, 1 carrot and 1 parsley root, diced (I was out of celery _also_), seasoning the whole thing with a bit of powdered beef broth (only after they’re done please, salt seemingly prevents lentils from softening, ever), black pepper and ginger, fish sauce and soy sauce (the stuff comes out black anyway, so never mind the color)  and throwing together a salad of: chopped arugula, finely chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, the pot’s muddy-looking contents and a generous dash of extra virgin olive oil. Added a bit of lemon juice and zest for good measure (it was all in my head, actually it tasted great even without the lemony seasoning), and invited my sweet and very pregnant friend B. over to join Little E. and me for lunch.

I did NOT snap a picture – we were so hungry it didn’t occur to me that I had just come up with a new recipe before we were scraping our plates. I’ll add one when I make this again, probably soon. It looks a bit weird with the blackish lentils, but I assure you it’s a lovely and wholesome lunch.

Try it some time, and do come back for more recipes soon!

Enjoy 🙂

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