Huge Ripple Blanket Finished

Oh my, it has been a ride. M.’s birthday came and went, and I was NOT NEARLY done with her blanket. Thankfully, the world cup allowed for many hours of crochet on the side. But I didn’t get to finish up until the summer vacation.

After a while, I switched from my good old sturdy basket to a blue IKEA bag to accommodate both all the yarn and the ever growing blanket itself. Of course, that girl would have a queen size bed, tsk …

But finish I did, and I darned in the last ends on the day of her arrival at our summer house the first week of August. Here’s a math problem for you: There were 280 stitches in one row, one row took 20 minutes to make (is that fast or slow? How long would it take you?), and the whole blanket took 48 hours to make. How many rows did I do;-)? If you can work it out, let me know. You could always cheat by counting them in the pictures, but that would be – well, cheating, right?


Here it is in M.’s room, and if I say so myself, I think it looks perfect :-).

Thinking back about the time I was working on it, The Making of The Blanket was quite the public event. I literally brought my blue IKEA bag with me everywhere I went: parents meetings, doctor’s offices, parties, playdates, dinner parties, public viewing venues, train stations, airport, and of course lawn chairs and beaches, once our vacation had started. Many people took an interest, asking me about the project, yarn and pattern. I never failed to point them to Attic 24 – bless Lucy and her tutorials! My friends were very supportive, sweet N. even crocheted a row or two herself, to battle her own withdrawal symptoms :-). I got great advice on color combinations, strangers complimented my work at the park, and once I had a really nice chat by the lakeside about crafts with a canoer I didn’t know from Adam.

IMG_1484IMG_1580 IMG_1581


And ultimately, The Blanket even inspired a number of people to want to learn how to crochet themselves: M. and her younger sister R. who spent a week with us now both know how to make chains, slip stitches, single crochet and double crochet – and they have learned how to make flowers, roses (again, thank you Lucy!) and leaves. For even in that brief period, we pulled off the most amazing little project:

We made the sweetest flowery cushion for their Gran’s 75th birthday. Sadly, I neglected to take pictures, but I’ll show it as soon as possible: no less than 6 people joined forces to hook up a petally storm to make 75 flowers and leaves in less than 3 days, which we went on to sew on a small white cushion. We were going for a freeform crochet effect, and I have to say it was such a gratifying experience, to see the girls‘ eyes shine in triumph once their fingers had mastered the tricky tasks, and to see how they got better and better at their newly acquired skill. I was thinking to myself: wow, how wonderful it must be to teach crafts. Especially if you have motivated and eager students like I did that week. Girls, you were awesome!!!

And now we’re easing back into school routine – never easy after 6 weeks of freedom – but we’re doing well. In the next post, I’ll share a few favorite summer 2014 recipes, and I may have to show a new granny squares cushion soon.

I’d like to finish this post with the flowery birthday card I gave to a sweet new friend: IMG_1611

See you soon!

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