Ripple Pattern Baby Blanket and Other Stuff – Done!

Hi there!

Back after a few hectic weeks, to say that all is well, that spring’s finally here and that I’ve managed to do some serious finishing of WIPs.

A few witnesses to the spring first:


I enjoy the early spring flowers so much every year. The lovely tulips were a gift from a dear friend, and the ranunculuses (is that even a word…?) were a reward for one heck of a stressful day last week, given to me by the one person who could really relate to how much that day sucked – myself :-).

On the crafts front, I can say that I haven’t been idle. I managed to finish 4 projects since I posted last, and start a 5th. The projects were: A crochet hat (sort of like the myboshi hats all the kids have now) for my son’s 12th birthday:


I try to always include a little something that I made myself for the kids‘ birthdays. Of course there’s always cake, which everyone appreciates. But for the time being they also love their self-made things, and I’m enjoying that phase while I can. No doubt it’s going to be so over once they enter puberty – the horror…

I made 2 pairs of teeny tiny socks (didn’t take a picture of the other pair – they were just like these, only blue):

The blue ones went to little J., our cello teacher’s son, in February. The red ones will go to a young man who was born only yesterday, whom we will hear about some more later in this post.

Then of course there was The Cardigan – a very big deal for me, because I just knitted away without any patterns or counting stitches, hoping all the while it would turn out as I thought it would. Check out the button: I went to this awesome store that actually sells buttons and buckles only – can you imagine? A room full of shelves stuffed with the weirdest, sweetest collection of little things to sew on your clothes – wow, what a treat it was to shop there! Of course the lady had just what I needed, in the right size and in the perfect color I was looking for! The shop’s on Uhlandstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg, and it’s called Knopf & Schnalle. A sweet place!  I’m wearing my new cardigan all the time, and it feels just wonderful. Not too warm, casual but equally suited for hanging out at the playground, and for wearing to clients meetings over a white shirt. My kind of cardigan.  Here it is – what do you think? How’d I do…?


And then there was a spontaneously requested baby blanket that had me in a crochet frenzy over the last 2 weeks… My friend N. asked me mid March whether I’d make her one for her baby boy. Her due date was April 4th, so after telling her she was crazy to even dare ask me at such short notice, I changed my mind and accepted the challenge. Of course I didn’t tell her that. All I can say is I hope she’ll be impressed with my mad skills and speed. I was under such time pressure that I actually crocheted at a party last weekend (again, sorry for being an embarrassing guest!) But as you can see, I actually finished. Young P. was born yesterday night, and I just darned in the last threads on my lunch break. So I guess, the thing to say now is: Tadah!


Kudos, once again, to Lovely Lucy from Attic24 who does the most amazing tutorials even when she just jots down a few lines to share how she did it: I copied her edging to a tee this time around.

Let’s hope Little P. will have a great snuggly time in his blankie…

Finally, I wanted to share some very cute yarn bombing I saw in a small village in Brandenburg back in February:

IMG_1470 IMG_1469IMG_1465IMG_1466

It was an unexpected treat on a longish, icy cold but beautiful walk with my friends M. and H. Check out the pompons – and what a way to use antique lace, right? I think it’s so cool!

Enjoy the spring sunshine, everyone, and let me know about your finished projects and WIPs!