Stripy Blanket – It’s Done!

Greetings, Blog reader! As you may have gathered from the title, I AM FINISHED with my large, snuggly, bright crochet granny stripe blanket – after the one by the one and only Lucy from Attic 24… Now, you may not be as excited about this as I am – but to me, this is a major accomplishment, and I am bursting with pride.

This blanket has kept me busy – off and on – since February, and when I stitched in the last of the brightly colored threads late yesterday night, I felt a huge wave of relief and happiness washing over me. For I had been worrying to the last minute, questioning: was it going to turn out right, was I going to like what I had done, had I chosen the colors well after all, was the edging going to work – stuff like that.

But, I can honestly say that I’m really happy with how everything came together. Want to see? Really? Oh, OK – I’m so ready to show it. So – here it is:


Folded up nicely so you can see the edging


Covering the small sofa, and …


spread out in all its colors-of-the-rainbow-y glory on our ancient parquet floor.

Somehow, I have the feeling it needs to be outdoors, so I will take it out to the park this afternoon and see how it looks on the lawn (might show you, if I like it there).

You know, we finally have sunshine after about 3 weeks of cold and rain (who knows for how long this crazy spring), and I have promised my daughter we would try out new nail polish this afternoon – I bought a bottle of shiny orange, and one bottle of glittery see-through. She’s really into anything that glitters right now, a natural sentiment at 4 and a half, I suppose…

So, wherever you are, I hope you have a good plan for a nice afternoon too. Have yourself a lovely day!